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First Date

Tender arms and twinkling eyes
Covered up your poisonous words and deceitful lies
The roses you handed me when you stood at my door
They represent nothing but pain to me anymore
Coming back home from our first date
I could not believe I had been dealt such a fate
When you pulled over at the deserted lot
All your actions described you were more than a little hot
Your fingers began to roam all about me
Reaching for that special place even though you started at my knee
I pushed you back I tried to fight
But you had the upper of the might
I scratched and scraped while I screamed aloud
It was of no use for there was no one around
You ripped off my clothes
You wouldn’t let me be
You said all you wanted to do was see
Bitter tears streamed from my eyes
As your hateful member began to rise
You got on top, you forced me so
Battling with me while calling me a hoe
You shoved my legs apart and then we were joined
I was being battered and ripped from your very loins
Blood streamed between us down our entangled legs
The pain worsened as I continued to plead and beg
Finally you were through after what seemed like hours
I pulled my clothes about me and I could only cower
You drove me back home and stopped before the gate
You looked at me and said “it was not rape.”
I was so scared and full of fear
I said nothing for close to half a year
I thought it was my fault, I was to blame
All I could feel was a weighty shame
To this day I cannot understand how you could be so vile
Even now as I raise
our precious child.

This is a poem by Ria Ali.

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