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I saw you
You stood in front my gate
all primped and well-pressed
Gucci shoes, Armani jacket,
your tongue draped in honey, your words flavoured with
You seduced me with your words, invited me into your eyes,
eyes full of
pleading and despair, eyes seemingly draped in love.
And I stepped…
Stepped into that world of “I love you”, “I’m sorry please forgive me”.
One foot after the next I was drawn,
then as that cocoon began
to close,
there came a rushing breeze, bringing with it an
acid-laced tang.
And I
The nights of
crying, hating and despising your soul.
Condemning you to hell with all the force of heaven and earth.
And in one gust of wind it was over.
I stepped out of you cocoon,
and into the light of a new day.
A day full of promises.
Not yesterday.

Poem by: Leah Philip

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