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Keeping Goldfish

Goldfish are freshwater fish whose ancestors come from Asia. They live in cold water and are one of the hardiest of fish which make them easy to look after, and a good first pet for young children to learn about caring for a pet. Where do they like to live? A single goldfish may be kept in an unfiltered bowl which will require a weekly 30% water change to keep the water fresh. Goldfish need oxygen in the water to breathe and this enters through the surface of the water.

A goldfish bowl will only have enough surface area to pride oxygen for one fish. As a general rule you will need 4.5 litres of water for each small goldfish. A Tank with some filtration will enable you to keep the water quality better creating a healthier environment for your fish and allow you to keep several fish in a community. Setting up their new home Wash out your bowl or tank with warm water and position out of direct sunlight or draughts in a room where the temperature is likely to remain fairly constant and out of the reach of small children and pets. Wash any gravel, plants and ornaments you are going to use to dress the bowl or tank. Fill your bowl with water adding a de-chlorinator such as tetra aqusafe for goldfish to remove any chlorine from the tap water.

Introducing your fish
  • Prepare your bowl or tank before buying your fish so they will be in their plastic travel bag for a shorter time. 
  • Float the bag in the water for twenty minutes before releasing the fish into your bowl or tank. 
Feeding and health care

  • There are a number of fish foods available in flake or pellet form such as the TetraFin range of foods for goldfish, which offer a complete balanced diet containing all the nutrients your fish requires to stay healthy. 
  • Feed your fish twice a day, sprinkling a few flakes, or pellets, on the water. 
  • If they are eaten within a few minutes give a little more, once they have stopped feeding remove any uneaten food with a net. 

The water quality should be maintained by regular partial water changes, even if the tank is filtered, to keep the water fresh, always using a de-chlorinator in any new water introduced. Goldfish are usually healthy and trouble free and will be bright-eyed, active and have a shiny appearance. If you notice any changes in behaviour, sluggish movement or unusual spots or markings or your fish they may need some treatment. 

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