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Dye-Hard Fan

I started out undefined. No title could match this platinum-maned girl. My entire junior year I was a “deep burghundy brown,” until April when I became a “deep copper blonde,” and from then on..it was all downhill..

Color layered upon color, my hair has become more like a Jackson Pollock painting than a normal color brown or blonde. I’ve settled with “ruby fusion,” but chances are I’ll be a “caramel kiss” by Christmas time.

Some people get frustrated with their life and indulge in things like drinking or drugs, but I’ve found my own addiction. If something ends or something new begins, a new color of hair is always the perfect solution to seal the deal. However, I never realized I had what some would call a “problem” until about a week ago.

I handed my ID to the lady at the movie theatre so I could see “Saw 2” again. Usually the process takes about five seconds, but this time, oh, it took much longer. I realized she looked at my ID and looked at me. More than just once. And then it hit me, I looked so different from my driver’s license picture that this lady didn’t believe that I was who I said I was.

I know, I know, everyone looks different in their license picture, but you see, I took that picture about a month ago. But I guess the strawberry blonde hair with pink tips just threw the poor lady off.

People always ask why I dye my hair so much, and then they usually tell me my hair is going to fall out, to which I always make them undergo what I like to call the “touch test.” For being dyed, and I think the count is probably over 23 times, my hair is insanely soft due to my obsessive conditioning habits.

I used to be happy with just staying that same red color, but my inspiration came in the form of a movie charcter by the name of Clementine Karchinski. of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” But right now, I love the spontaneous element of knowing I can basically paint my mane whichever color I feel best fits my mood. And for that, I am in fact a dye-hard fan of hair dying.

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