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Sibling Sayonara

Siblings can be very annoying and irritating at times, but they can also sometimes feel like they are your only best friend, hero or guidance in life. Growing up with an older brother or sister is priceless, because even though you get into those nasty arguments and fights you know that in the end they still love you and you love them.

I have an older brother that goes to College and now that the year is slowing down and graduation seems to be approaching quickly, I have realized I am going to have to say goodbye to him. I have finally come to understand that my life and my brother’s life is going to change and we may either grow apart or become closer; I hope to grow closer to my brother and not argue as much. I have thought about this situation countless times: what am I going to do without my brother? He and I have gone through thick times and thin times together. I learn so many different things from him every day like how to be a better person, how to change my tires on my car, how to make important decisions in life and many other key things about life.

Even though I am graduating and not going too far away, it will still be extremely sad for me, because I know we will both be doing our own things and dealing with classes and jobs. It’s like a piece of my childhood is going to be gone forever; I can remember how we use to always play with our Power Rangers, cops and robbers and who could jump off the top of the bunk bed the quickest. I can remember how he guided me to climb my first apple tree at my grandma’s house, but now it all seems to be vanishing. Despite this, I now try to remember all those good times I have spent with my brother and cherish them as much as I can. If you are like me and are graduating this year and have an older sibling or younger sibling, you know how it’s going to feel so be sure to tell them that you love them.

Although you or they will be going off to college either in town or away and doing whatever it is that you or they love, you will always have your sibling no matter what happens in life.

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