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Valentine’s Meaning

Valentine’s Day: cards, candy hearts, chocolate. The angry girlfriends whose boyfriends completely forgot about it; the card companies raking in money. It’s the same each year.

I’ve never been one of those people to go absolutely psycho and buy millions of cards or cry myself to sleep at night because I don’t have a Valentine. I’ve always generally liked Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of overrated and corny with the parading giant stuffed animals and flowers around, but somehow it works. Hallmark and other greeting card companies, who are credited with the “creation” of Valentine’s Day, make around $900 million every year from card sales alone.

Even with all the stress of Valentine gift buying, there are plenty of little things to enjoy, like Necco Sweethearts. While sometimes they don’t taste that great, who doesn’t enjoy those silly little messages, like “Be Mine” and “Kiss me” or the ever so random “E-mail me?” Who knew they’d create a candy heart to apply to our hi-tech world?

For all of the money spent on Valentine’s Day, we could at least get a day off of school. Aisles of grocery stores and entire Hallmarks are crammed with Valentine’s Day junk straight after Christmas. It’s pretty frightening, especially to those who cringe at the sight of anything covered in pink and red hearts.

Of course Valentine’s Day isn’t truly based on material items. It’s supposed to be about love. It’s said that Saint Valentine was martyred for not giving up Christianity, and while he was in prison fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and wrote her a letter goodbye. He signed that letter “From Your Valentine.” Yet, even with all of the “I love you” gibberish being thrown around, it’s not hard to admit that Valentine’s Day is based off of infatuation rather than love.

It’s sad thinking about how much of a big deal some people make about having a Valentine. Sure it’s nice to have one, no one minds that special box of chocolates or that beautiful diamond bracelet. But if someone needs an excuse to give you something like that, it can’t be all that spectacular.

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