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The List

 Ever wondered what to do with those depressingly empty hours of spring break that aren’t filled with family, friends and homework? Same here.

 homework? Same here. After all the anticipation of waiting for a week of no school, break can get pretty boring after the first few days. So this year, I’m doing something different! The fun part of my break is staying up late watching TV, sleeping in late, emailing and calling friends, playing on the computer, playing with my little sisters at the park and, best of all, relaxing with no homework or chapter notes to do. The boring part sets in when I wake up with absolutely nothing to accomplish that day, which usually results in me wasting more hours being bored than actually doing something. Being the kind of person who has to plan out EVERYTHING (no kidding, I have my hourly schedules for junior and senior year written up!), I decided to do something different this year. To avoid all those wasted spring break hours, I should start thinking about what I want to get accomplished NOW. Right now.

 So, when I’m working and suddenly think of something I want to do, like a certain movie I’d like to see or some activity that requires more time than I have available during the schoolday, I’ll write it down. Then, I should have a whole list of things I can accomplish in my sudden week-long rush of free time. “I should post that pep rally video I recorded last fall.” Write it down on the spring break list.“ I should practice my piano and bamboo flute (long story) a little more.” Write it down on the spring break list. “I should organize my closet by color, occasion and clothing style.” Write it down on the spring break list. “I should get around to doing some of my hobbies like crocheting, sewing, cross-stitching, reading, video-editing, writing HTML...” Write it down on the spring break list as separate entries.

 “I should write some more about my awesome, drama-filled life in my fifty bajillion diaries.” Write it down on the spring break list in that diary that is completely blank except for the first and last pages. Maybe this year’s spring break will be more exciting than last year’s. The ideas are really starting to flow! With a backup list of things to do when I get bored, maybe spring break won’t be so blues-y after all. Hmm, learning to play the blues on the piano (or bamboo flute) might be another cool activity.

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