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Everything You Want To Know About Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Various butterfly tattoo designs are one of the most popular chosen body art images for women. These fluttering insects are not only beautiful, they are extremely symbolic and carry with them a deep history in many different cultures.

They are truly an extremely versatile design and can be designed by using a real butterfly for inspiration or as something completely imaginative. Butterfly tattoo designs allow for a great level of experimentation with shape and color and they harmonize well with other symbols such as flowers, angels, eyes, vines, flames, fairies, etc. The best thing about butterflies is that they are like snowflakes and no two are ever exactly the same so this design allows you to be completely unique.


Mythologies in many ancient civilizations have had a connection with this mystical creature which is a big reason why butterfly tattoo designs are so popular today. They are believed in many cultures to be a symbol of a human soul and as a night butterfly is attracted to a flame, a human soul is attracted to heavenly truths.

Scientifically speaking, the metamorphosis of a crawling caterpillar changing into a butterfly is one of the most intriguing mysteries in nature. It is a magical, representative transition of new life.

Representation On A Woman

Butterfly tattoo designs on a woman usually are a free-spirited acknowledgment of change. The change could be from a young girl to a woman, starting a fresh chapter in life or a positive and mental new beginning. Regardless of where it is placed on the woman's body, its service is to serve as a portal to draw in energies of life and essences of human souls. It represents an unmatchable power that lies deep within all woman.

Woman that opt for this type of design are as diverse as the butterflies and can be patient, observant, creative, intelligent, deeply committed or in touch with nature. However, they can also be aristocratic, judicious, shrewd and reserved. It is a powerful symbol that can mean some form of representative change differently for every woman.


Placement of the butterfly tattoo designs also have their own individual meanings as well. It is interesting to note that almost all women choose one of the chakra points for location and don't even realize it. The seven points are crown of the head, forehead (between the eyes), throat, heart, reproduction (includes lower back and lower belly), solar plexus and tribal root (below the groin).

Placed on the shoulder blade, it generally represents a dreamer while the chest symbolizes an unconditional love either for someone or themselves. The lower back, which is the most popular for good reason, means survival, stability, prosperity, self-preservation, physical health and trust and below the belly typically represents virginity or a return to innocence.

Celebrities With Butterfly Tattoo Designs

  • Krissy Taylor – Model displays a butterfly on her right foot.
  • Julia Roberts – Actress has a butterfly on the lower part of her back.
  • Melissa Joan Hart – Actress boasts a butterfly on her left breast.
  • Anne Heche – Actress offers a butterfly on her lower back.
  • Paris Hilton – A paparazzi favorite, shows off a butterfly tattoo between her shoulder blades.
  • Elena Santarelli – Italian model and actress has a butterfly on the back of her right shoulder.
  • Kimora Lee Simons – Fashion model, author and entrepreneur has a butterfly tattoo on the top of her right foot.
  • Drew Barrymore – A beautiful butterfly is displayed on this actress' lower back.
  • Dolly Parton – Famous country singer has a butterfly tattoo on her chest.
  • Britney Spears – Singer chose her butterfly to be on her left foot.
  • Lita Ford – Musician proudly boasts a butterfly on the right side of her buttocks.

Interesting Worldwide Meanings

  • Greek Mythology – A new human soul becomes born every time a cocoon turns into a butterfly.
  • Irish Mythology – Butterflies are souls belonging to the dead who are waiting for their turn to pass through purgatory.
  • German Mythology – The dead become reborn as children that fly in butterfly form to offer childbirth to childless parents.
  • European Mythology – A feared omen of death. The human soul takes butterfly form.
  • Asian Mythology – A symbol of joy as well as the essence of happiness.
  • Native American Mythology – Believed that butterflies would carry their wishes to the heavenly Great Spirit.
  • Aztec and Mayan Mythology – Symbol of rebirth, fertility, regeneration and happiness.

Holocaust Connection

Butterflies have a strong connection to the Holocaust. Barracks for children at concentration camps were covered in butterflies. Several hundred butterflies were scratched into the walls with pebbles as if the children all knew that they were about to die but left a message of hope that their souls would continue to live on in butterfly form.

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