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Dog training tips: how to stop chewing

Simple steps can help you prevent your dog from chewing up your possessions!

Chewing is a natural activity for all dogs. Even when they are not eating a meal, wild canines chew bones for nutrients, such as minerals, or for the bone marrow inside of them. They may chew sticks, bark, or even rocks at times, to keep their teeth clean and free from foreign substances. They may even chew things to pass the time. Dogs in the wild, however, don't have owners monitoring what they chew. There is no chance of anyone being upset over a wild dog chewing the television remote control or over the damage they do to the furniture.

Our dogs do have concerned owners, yet they still have the need to chew. As much as we like to think of our dogs as little people in fur suits, they are not. They have instincts. Sometimes those instincts interfere with what we perceive as civilized behavior. What we must do is accept our dogs' needs into our human reality. How can we do this? We do it by asking these questions:

  • Why is my dog chewing?
  • When does my dog chew the most?
  • What is my dog chewing?
  • Why is my dog chewing what he is chewing?
  • What is the best way to stop the behavior?

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