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Research centers

Scientific documents have proved that basic research is an essential factor in order to progress in different fields. Since we have limited resources, it is important to find priorities in each community and invest on them. In my country, developing a research center for business is more useful in comparison with an agriculture center, because a business research unit can answer key questions regarding economic development, agriculture can be considered as a subgroup of business, and we will benefit from business development more than from positive changes in agriculture.

Economic improvement is one of the most crucial aspects in development. Establishing a business research center helps politicians to find appropriate remedies and adopt suitable strategies regarding enhancement of national income (revenues). Moreover, it seems that social transition, which has started in my country since early 1990s, results in structural change in economy, so more attention should be oriented on business activities today. On the other hand, experiences from other countries, which have been involved in wars and tried to ameliorate their international situation after peace, shows that economic growth through focus on business activities is one of the most successful approaches in this regard.

Additionally, developing a business research center, instead of an agricultural center, is recommended because improvement in farming depends on trade growth. One of the biggest economic agencies in the United States announced that all features of development depend on level of business success in a country. Furthermore, in my country the research deputy Minister of Agriculture declared that transition from traditional to modern farming, which should take place sooner or later, rests on development in other aspects and needs large investment.

Finally, considering the position of agriculture versus business in my country, it will be known that developing a business center is more beneficial. For one thing, it should be taken into consideration that subsistence agriculture is common in Iran. Surprisingly, less than 30% of Iranian population work as farmers; that is, most of the people who live in rural areas have miscellaneous jobs. For another, one should note that we are one of the wealthiest countries regarding the mines and numerous oil resources, but we have never used their optimum potential capacity. In order to achieve desirable progress in this field, expansion of business activities is of a matter of importance.

In brief, it is concluded that developing a business research center is more cost-effective than an agricultural center in my country. Advances in business result in economic growth, which will in turn (consequently) improve agricultural status.

Very good indeed! Just reconsider the suggested corrections. I believe you have some problem with the ‘passive voice’. There are times you shouldn’t use passive and times you should, but you do! Some verbs have the same spelling but are actually two verbs _ transitive and intransitive. The blueprint is a bit too long and probably vague, too. If you can make it smaller, that would be ideal.

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