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How to attract a true gentleman

There are different kinds of men out in the world. As a single woman you have probably encounter many "characters"! There are those who won't take no for answer, those who value themselves over you, those who want only one thing, and the list could go on and on. Better does exists and he is not just a fairytale. A true man, one with a mature character, values you as a woman, has a great work ethic, enjoys life, has good friends, a positive outlook on life, and is not perfect but seeks to improve himself. The real question is, how do you attract such a man?

Men are visual beings. This is one fact that we can't escape! However, not all true gentlemen are attracted to size two blonde women. Men like a full spectrum of women. If you take notice in public areas (malls, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, banks) you can find couples of all shapes, sizes and looks.

Men like women who take care of themselves and show their best self. Research and test out looks that are appealing to your body type, hair texture, your skin and eye coloring, and age. Being well groomed will take you far.

Freshly showered daily and smelling good are always attractive to men. Clean and styled hair make you stand out. Natural and enhancing makeup brings focus to your real beauty. Well-groomed hands and feet signal you are a well-groomed woman. Such care of your appearance also enhances your confidence. Men take notice when you look good and look confident.

Gentlemen take notice of a woman who has diverse interests and passions. When you have diverse interests and passions once again you exude confidence and a positive demeanor. Diving into your passions creates joy in your life that people cannot provide-including men.

Because you are engaged in enjoyable interests you don't seek to gain joy from men alone-you aren't seen as desperate. You'll have more balance in your life and won't focus on the idea that you have to have a man. Having interests and passions make you a colorful person and sparks great conversation which is great for breaking the ice.

True gentlemen are attracted to friendly women whom are easy to connect with. Are you frowning and looking stressed in public? Is your demeanor or body language reading back off! Are you ignoring people when they walk by?

Imagine a man your interested in sees you before you notice him. If he were to watch you walk into a room or down the street would he categorize you as rude, aloof, a shy scardy cat, or over bearing?

So what if you’re shy? Acknowledging people's presence with a smile and a nod reads friendly-you don't have to engage everyone with conversation. Had a bad day? Find a way to regroup in private (like your car or the ladies room) and think about something that puts a smile on your face.

Being a friendly and easy to connect with person gives him the green light to approach you. If he knows that you are easy to converse, with he'll be more apt to approach you.

True gentlemen do exist! Make sure that you are a woman who takes care of her appearance; has diverse interests and passions; and is friendly and easy to connect with. These three things make you a more attractive person and definitely someone worth getting to know. When he sees you, before you see him, he'll want to know, what so special about you!

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