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How to Steal Other peoples Blog Template

"How to steal someone else's template?"

 Stealing by definition is something done illegally and is forbidden, both in terms of religion or from any side, but stealing the template from a blogger maybe it is not unusual. So a blogger happy to share things that extraordinary, something unique and valuable than what they have, whether it be ideas, software, etc., but clearly not to share the money for free to its visitors .. he he he I wrote an article with the title of the blog template how to steal another person, was inspired by myself, yesterday I intend to find a good template for my blog, bloggers need to know, that I am a most happy blogger and change my blog template, in one month may I change my blog template 3 times. he he he there more often??

I would like to have a nice blog template, I intend to look for blog template on google with the keyword on, "Free Premium Blogger Template" said the premium. I enter in keywords in hopes primarily to get a template that had been purchased or paid I'll get it for free templates, until finally I found a template that is my dream Template Magazine Sporty 2, which was made by Hamzah Herdiansyah,

I admit that the blog template is very nice, but unfortunately we have to spend  much money to get the coolest blog template. I has not got money, I intend to take the template is a way to steal it, that's what made me ask the question about how  to steal other people's blog template, or a way of copying other people's blog template. after I looked up google and  a variety of sources, it turns out I found a way that is by simply pressing CTR +  U on the keyboard after opening the template. I tried it, in accordance with the instructions I got from that source. and in fact the result is Error.

This I repeated several times, by eliminating html or scripts that are not important and tried put into my blog template, but it still can not, and finally I think, that's the way it is not the best way to steal the template other people's blogs.

So the point is, the word blog template how to steal other people I was looking on google I buy a template change to the way other people's blogs. He he he he  buy sound more polite word than the word steal other people's blog template. Once I find the word template how to buy others, I also have to work more to earn money  to purchase the template. End.


  1. Never works

  2. its work but you must do to much editing

  3. I tried copying the Page Source but never works on their., But when I tried to Copy the page source of my blog, It works...! Because their template is very Complicated (coding)...