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Learning about the past has no value

Some people, especially the young who have not interfaced serious problems in their lives, are of the opinion that there is no need to inform about the ancestors and their experiences. However, it is obvious that history, ancient or modern, teaches us numerous beneficial lessons, and even can save our lives. We need to learn about the past as it is meaningless to divide the time to past, present, and future; historical experiences repeat again and again, and each person must familiarize with his past in order to find the best way for his future life.

It is clear that time is continuous, and human himself categorizes the time into different periods. To some people, past means 2 years ago, and to some others it means 200 years Before Christ. No difference what past means, Dr. Elen Morris, the advisor to Ministry of Culture of the UK, announced that the results of their research on the graduates of British universities showed that “students who passed at least 2 courses on history, achieved better marks in other courses.” She believes that “learning history improves the ability of an individual to gain an understanding of other subjects, significantly”. On the other hand, being aware of the past events, helps people to make wise and correct decisions in their lives, because reading the history convinces us that poor activities result in undesirable outcomes and the populace never forget honest people.

Secondly, repeatable entity of experiences gives practical ideas to those who learn history. For one thing, analyzing the past happenings helps us to reduce the faults. For another, knowing the past occasions is undoubtedly useful in saving today resources and even one’s life by preventing to repeat similar involvements. Moreover, sociologists proved that in nearly all circumstances, the appearance of a problem is the only thing which has been altered through years. As a result, absorbing the important lessons of each historical occasion leads to solve current problems much more easily.

Thirdly, we should always consider human’s past in order to enjoy our lives. If we did not know the history of Pasteur’s efforts, we would not respect the healthy environment we live in today. People should also try to introduce with holy men who have tried hard for many years in the hope that they show the right way of living to people, fighters who have been killed in order to save the masses (?) lives, and artists who have created memorable works which everyone is proud of having as a national masterpiece. Furthermore, learning about the past shows trends of changes in the world, and in this way, forming the failures and successes over time could be more understandable.

In brief, it is obvious that learning about the past is one of the most valuable tasks for everyone who wants to live better than his ancestors. We can learn and consider each period of the history as a unique teacher that casts a light on our lives.

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