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Smoking tobacco should be made illegal like other dangerous drugs

In the world today where stresses and tensions are at high degree, some people appeal to smoke cigarettes. They think that by means of cigar they can relax themselves, while it is obviously shown how harmful tobacco smoking is and it is clear why it should be banned in public. Smoking, at a glance, has many noxious effects on body. Some harmful aspects are proved and shown on body, on economy, and on the air.

Taking body into account, tobacco smoking has so many hazardous effects. W.H.O reports that 85 per cent of lung cancers are caused by cigarette smoking .On the other hand, recent research studies show that low birth weight is more common among the children of smoker mothers. Another effect of tobacco on the body is its risk for heart diseases. Smoking is the major cause of heart attacks. These examples simply show the perils of tobacco smoking to the body.

Furthermore, cigarette trading these days has become a lucrative business around the world, especially within developed countries. This subject leads to extraction of millions of dollars from developing countries in order to import cigars. This currency that is spent on smoking perilous substances, can be specified for education, health, and infrastructures. In addition, smoking affects the economy of families. The money that can be used for promotion of life is used for decreasing life span.

From the air point of view, smoking cigarettes has dramatic effects on air. In rapidly increasing air pollution of metropolitan areas, smoking makes the situation even worse. Scientists report that one of the major pollutants in big cities is cigarette smoke. Furthermore, every day we see a lot of fags on the streets or in the nature that make their scenes indecent.

No wonder, tobacco smoking is risky from several points of view and making it illegal may help to decline its adverse effects. People should find better ways to relax themselves, like exercise or reading.

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