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Progress is always good?

“Life is like water that flows in a river”. This sentence is a part of a poem by one of Iranian poets. Some people believe that life needs improvement beause if we are stagnant and do not have any progress after a period of time, all of us get bored and boredom is beginning of many difficulties in life. On the other hand, some people believe that all progress has done  and it is time that we enjoy life and have a placid(?) life.

Many people have a very routine life. Their activities are limited to earn a little money for a living and they are happy with their life. Without improvement in financial aspect of life, they are well satisfied with the present things that they have and they never get any more things than pervious.

In spite of the first group of people, some others think that they need improvement and motion in many different aspects of life such as educational, financial and private aspects of life. Regarding educational aspects of life they improve from the beginning of educational period to the end of it. They try to be the best in their societies and compete with each other, so they believe that competition is the spirit of progress. Also, in financial aspects, they progress to provide a better life for themselves and their families, so they think that if each day they do not try harder than previous, they cannot improve their life.

In summary, as a means of self-statement, progress is always good. Without it we never earn new things, new information, or new technologies. In the end, I believe that our life must be like water that flows in the river, full of power, motion and progress.

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