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Specialists are OverRated!

In this era more specialists are needed and because of this they are overrated. It dose not mean that generalists are not important or society does not need them; on the contrary, society needs generalists in the beginning of every field, and then specialist are needed in the high levels. The need to more specialists is obvious in many areas such as science, education, and medicine.

Society needs more specialists in medicine because they can cure progressive diseases; for instance, when people suffer from cold they will see a general practitioner, but when they feel pain in heart, lung or muscles they refer to a specialist, so generalists can cure a limited area of diseases which are in first stages. On the other hand, general practitioners can learn and memorize a limited subjects; that is, they know a little about skin, skeletal, lung, and heart diseases. Moreover, when people get sick, they prefer to go to a specialist rather than to go to a generalist.

Likewise, in education, society needs more specialists. When students want to start learning alphabet or calculus, generalists can teach them because they are not complicated subjects but as students go to higher grades and want to learn algebra, geometry or literature, their need to specialists is sensible.

Similarly, in science, for instance in computer sciences, a generalist can operate only simple tasks while a specialist can design for example web pages and actually do the simple tasks, too. Computer science has many fields and so many specialists are needed.

In conclusion, nowadays that the speed of progress of science is unbelievable and people have to walk with its pace, societies need more and more specialists and if they are overrated, it is appropriate.

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