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Elderly people of over 50 years of age should be retired

One of the most challenging problems of today’s societies is elderly and age of retirement. Conceded that young people need to have an appropriate job position, working of elderly people of over 50 years of age has some benefits. Beneficiaries are both the elderly people and the society where these people live. Some of these advantages are using their experiences and decreasing the retirement remunerations.

Not surprisingly, elderly people who have worked for several years have so many experiences that can be transferred to young employees. In some developed countries, companies invite retired specialists to work with others in order that managers use their viewpoints and advice; to put it more simply, they exploit from about 30 years of knowledge and thoughtfulness.

Moreover, retirement of 50-year-old employees means that the government and insurance companies are compelled to pay much more money, in a long period of time and for people who are unemployed and not really old. Biological studies show convincingly that the age of 50 is not the age of retirement, and these people, as productive resources of companies can still work and do their best.

However, many people argue that retirement of elderly people will result in more employment of young ones; I find it hard to agree because first we should know when people are named as old people. As W.H.O reports, the beginning age of the elderly period is 65. Thus, retirement of people, 15 years before they actually become old seems not cost-effective.

In summary, old people are real investments for the countries. Working with them and beside them is a big chance for others. As far as I am concerned, people should be retired at the age of 65 when they have worked for about 30 years.

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