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Connections between male sexuality and male writing, and female sexuality and female writing.

Male sexuality

  • “the big dick”

  • the writing, like the sex, is a whose is bigger contest that is ultimately a boring game to play.

  • “little pocket signifier” = penis/phallus/pen

  • A signifier is a sign or a name or a word or a concept that we use to mark out the boundaries of things or thoughts in our culture.

  • Male writing, like male definitions of sexuality, is rigidly controlled and defined so that it can be used to maintain the social order that already exists

Female sexuality

  • The book has yet to be written about female sexuality.

  • Women haven’t had the words to think it, nonetheless write it.

  • In masculine writing, women are written as the Other that is defined by the Man

  • When women struggle to write themselves it is halting and creative, because we are building it as we go.  It is a creative desire.

  • Consider it in terms of our sexuality

  • This lets it be free and diverse and exciting.

  • It is multiple and mobile and complex

  • Women write in “white ink”

  • It doesn’t draw boundaries, it opens possibilities

  • She creates language as she goes

  • The desire to write is an embodied desire,

  • a desire to become a self in a body,

  • a desire to give life to experiences and ideas -- ideas that change and grow because they are alive too.

  • A desire to be thought and to think using what ever concepts and language that you need

  • Jouissance.

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