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Did you know that I have 5 pets?

I just got a new dog. It is a girl and she is a chocolate lab. One of our dogs, a yellow lab named Titan that was 5 years old, died 1 month and 9 days ago. It was hit by a school bus on my road. The dog that we got we found on the Internet at www.petfinder.com. She was dumped when she was 6 months old and has lived with a foster family for 2 years. When my family adopted her we decided to name her Hope, but when we first got her they had named her Chaos. Hope has 3 different shades of brown in her. We spent about half of the day thinking about what is going to be her name. We thought of Lucky, Rose, Brownie, Cocoa, Recess, and Hope. But we went ahead and named her Hope because we had hope finding her and she has hope because she found a home. Hope likes to eat, exercise, and train.

Hope eats about 2 cups of Pedigree dog food every day. Hope eats a lot of food and sometimes even eats my other dog’s food. My other dog is an eight month old Pug named Stella. Whenever Hope eats, she eats really loud. We don’t give her as much food as we are supposed to because she is a little overweight.
Hope is really wild and playful. We sometimes call her boxer. We call her that because when she is on her back she kicks her legs up and down. I also get a tennis ball and throw it a lot for her to chase. Hope is the wildest dog I know.

Hope, I think, is really dumb. She only knows one trick, “sit”. We are trying to teach her how to “stay” but she just won’t listen. She knows how to fetch really good, but really nothing else. In about one year when she knows a lot more stuff I am going to try to teach her how to play dead.

Hope is not really good with our other dog, Stella. She will growl and snap at her sometimes. For example, whenever Hope is eating or chewing on things. Whenever that happens Stella barks and howls and gets really mad. I really like my pet and I take really good care of her.

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