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Feminine writing – the ways to escape the world that men have constructed

  • You break the system by putting the unthinkable (women themselves) into words.

  • Feminine writing is flexible and moving and dynamic.

  • Letters -- Most of the women that have made it into the philosophy canon have done so in terms of the letters that they wrote to male philosophers ex. Princess Elizabeth, Queen Christina.

  • Poems: an interpretation a point of view that has no purpose but the beauty off itself or of expressing the experiences of the artist. No claims to universal Truth, just to the truth of my Truth, just to the truth of my own experience of it.

  • Marginalia: little scribbles in the margins of our books, where we talk to ourselves or the authors

  • Journals

  • Cookbooks – you need practical knowledge to make recipes work. They are suggestions not rules.

  • Emails – new grammar and style, playful icons that express more than the words of the message. They are ephemeral, once we let them go they may get deleted or may stay on some computer where the text can degrade.

  • Graffiti – Stop signs becoming “stop rape” signs

  • Novels – ex Handmaids Tale was written as a found journal

  • Feminine writing is a place where we can be subversive and perhaps get away with it.

It is a way to change the world

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