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My dog is small and brown. She is a chocolate lab. Her name is Andi. I think she I think she is 3 in people years.

I call my dog for food. After that I make her sit. I now give her the food. I feed her usually two cups of food and water a day. If she barks I might give her more water, or I give her a rawhide. If your pet eats grass I suggest a little bit of yogurt. Give them about a spoonful with a meal.

After I feed her, I have to wait about ten minutes to call her to go outside. I put my leash on a ring on the collar. I have to wait outside till she goes to the bathroom. Without a leash. Sometimes I let her out without a leash, but I always have a biscuit so she keeps nearby. When she was young she dragged me across the yard.
My dog has plenty of shelter. She sleeps in the house. She sleeps usually in my brothers bed.

I give my dog all she needs. She gets food and water. She gets shelter. She has plenty of room to roam around.

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