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Awakening Ocean - Shashant Purohit

Glory of the ocean, or cluster of my mind,
Either i was shy or blank by my wine,
My dream is to fly, and fly for the city,
Things in my mind, and I know they are pretty,
Dedicated for my dream, I know I will succeed,
Will Move around, so that no one can ever read,
Shores & hills are favorite places to spend,
The waves of the oceans will never get to an end,
Then there were the times when I performed what i desired,
But she (life) never ever seems to be inspired,
False in what I do, false in what i dress,
The only thing ruin me was, I was obsessed,
The day passed, a month then a year,
There was nothing better than the career,
Struggled, struggled and still remain the struggling writer,
Decided to make the things soon disappear, my life and my glitter,
Life became my best friend and a good sight,
I stare that ocean every day and wish for the smile,
I wanted to tell her (ocean), but she was the only friend i mind,
I can only hope she (ocean) could read my signs,
A single drop concerned that i am still staring at her,
Morning to night i was glad she made me as her,
I hope and i loved for what i wanted to fight,
I wished for more and felt if she could say,
But i can’t keep waiting for her every day,
I planned to move on and on to my way,
Took rest and received flatter through the day,
I keep moving until i get a new way,
And there was a sign-board indicated four ways,
All four oceans with different four names,
Tears from my eye and rain on forehead
Went back to ocean and i pleased i begged,
That was a lesson or unwanted threat,
Finally, i end up with a deep rest,
And I learnt something which i never regret..!!

-Shashant Purohit
Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

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