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Love that Eventually happened

New class, new Students and the very first question in mind of a boy… “How are the girls in the class!!?” With the same question, I entered my class 11 C. There was a girl who lived in my apartment (now a very good friend), and I saw her friend who looked cuteJ. They asked me about something that I don’t remember but it was the first interaction that I had with her. (If I knew this would become “A Big Thing” in future, I would have definitely penned down that question.)

Both of us had some mutual friends and we started talking via those friends. She used to ask things related to class and I loved to answer but it was indirect. Later, we became friends on Orkut and started chatting on yahoo messenger. Till 10th I had very little and limited interaction with girls and I was little shy to approach a girl just like that. We started to chat a lot about the stuff that happened in class (till late night). We had the same bus stop (which suggested that our homes were not far from each other) as well but we never talked. A smile was enough for both of us. We were “JUST FRIENDS” then.

This went on for quite some time, for now I knew that she was waiting for me to make a move and ask her “Cellphone number, but I was an idiot back then (I still am :P ). Once, she had an urgent file to be submitted in school and she had to go out of station with her parents. She asked me for my number and requested me to collect the file from her at the bus stop. This is how the numbers were exchanged. After this, instead of chatting, we started messaging all the time. I had a BSNL coonnection that time and it didn’t have any SMS plans. For each message, I had to shed 60p from my account balance. For sending messages to her (and other friends), I had to change my network to Reliance which had a SMS pack. Messaging was fun but both of us wanted to talk. We gave missed calls to each other whenever we wished to chat. (Later we found out that both of us actually wanted the other one to pick up the call)

We used to look at each other in the class but it took quite some time for me to actually talk to her. I didn’t realize what was all this about and thought maybe I’m attracted to this girl coz she is beautiful. She used to sit with her friends one row ahead of us (me and my friends).

First time that I properly talked to her was when I offered her cold drink after scoring pass marks in mathematics. I was very happy (just coz I passed). People saw us talking to each other a few times after that and people started talking about us (that is how it goes in a coed school. People start making stories very quickly; they have imaginary kids about a couple before they even start talking!! ).

One day, my friends (just for fun) started counting whenever she turned back (1, 2, 3 and so on). By the end of the day, the count crossed 100. (In the middle of the class, everyone shouted CENTURY :P ) (One reason was that the class door was at the back side, this is what I told my friends).

Nothing was there between the two of us by that time; we were friends and loved talking to each other. Then came our class picnic, I just wanted her to come. I convinced her and somehow she convinced her parents to let her go. We talked to each other and while coming back we were sitting with each other. It was cold and we were listening to songs-both sharing the same earphone. She gave me her hand and we sat holding each other’s hand. It was a great feeling. Unknowingly, we were moving onto something special.

We studied hard for the final exams and started talking on cellphone to clear our doubts. This is when we actually started talking. It took us almost 4-5 months before we started talking on phone. It was for our good as we knew each other well by then. After the Exams, came the holidays. We never realized that we wanted to see and talk to each other this much. We missed each other, but neither of us could express. It was all so clear looking at our faces when the classes commenced. We started to talk a lot and started to spend a lot of time together (Studying). By that time, she knew that I am not going to do anything by myself and I am too shy to even ask her out.

Once we had to meet to exchange a notebook at a restaurant. But a student of our class saw us there and the next day everyone (except the two of us) knew that we were on a DATE. We didn’t bother to clarify anyone and ignored every bit of it. It was all going well, we were good friends and thought of being so all our life. But, my apartment friend (who is a mutual friend), told me that she has feelings for me. I laughed at her and said that if she had anything for me, she would have said that directly to me. Later that night, I asked her ,if she had said anything like that, any special feelings for me. It was all so awkward. I gave her a solution, I asked her to mail me everything she feels for me and I had to do the same. The informal proposal came through the mail and my reaction to it was a “NO”.

I liked her, I had feelings for her but I never thought of anything like a relationship ever. Even if I did, I tried to blank out those thoughts, I stopped myself to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid. After that incident, we could not face each other for a week. It was difficult for us to talk and I was not at ease. I didn’t want to promise her something that was not in my hand at that stage. She is very sweet, innocent and cute and I didn’t want to play with her life. She tried convincing me that everything was fine and we could work everything out. I said “YES” to the proposal after a week, and we talked a lot about what and how we can continue to be with each other. We thought we will be just good friends as we were and won’t think about any of the relationship stuff. Basically what we agreed on was the same Bollywood thing, if we don’t get anyone by the time we get eligible to get married, we will marry each other. Everything was good once again; we studied harder to make sure that people around us don’t get a chance to open their mouth about us wasting time together.

Life takes many different turns. The only thing we feared was that what if we are in 2 different colleges after school. We ran out of luck this time, we were put into two different colleges that two in two extreme corners of India ,one in south India and the other in north. This meant we will see each other only twice a year. And thanks to the difference in schedule of semester breaks, it was reduced to just one.

Now we are best friends and will be the same all our life.

She is the best person I have experienced in my life. I will always love her and I know she feels the same.

People say being in a relationship is very difficult and incurs a lot of burden. But if you love someone truly (Not BLINDLY), it would be really easy and the best feeling in the world. You would then have the reason for everything you do. When you get up, when you are frustrated or when you feel alone…

You will have that special person right beside you (sometimes on phone) helping you fight all your problems and making you feel special.

“You may be someone in everyone’s life… but for that one person(me), you are everyone”

Love rocks :)

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