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Stay Strong Stay You

I am a lady of my precious thoughts 
I am the lady of my soul.
I fall…just to pick it up all by myself
 I cry…only to soothe out all on myself
I sing , I dance…to follow my own rhythm.
& this is the way,I live within.
I celebrate my pain,no matter how hard
I struggle because I know,
I’ve to stay calm on my success.
 That’s the way,I run,contributing my every single paddle.
I act stupid,as I know experiences will teach me to be smart oneday
I stay casual because,I’ll just have to learn it someday.
I play childish,as I know time will allow me to grow oneday
I forget & forgive because,you never know they might need me someday.
 I am a lady of my precious thoughts
I am the lady of my soul.
And there I go where,
I stand….to let you all know what I believe in.

Anu Pattnaik
Bhubaneswar, Orissa

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