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The First Date

Einstein once said that love cannot be explained in terms of physics and chemistry. I don’t know whether he was right or wrong but one thing I’m sure about is that….that physics and chemistry certainly appeared inexplicable to me that day.I was not able to solve a single question but strangely there was a constant smile on my face.”Strange” was the word which everyone meeting me since afternoon described my behavior as.But only few of them knew that I had a big reason to smile…..my dream girl had just given me her phone no. and used the words “it was nice talking to you” and “see you soon”……which my female friends interpreted as a pretty good sign.

So after reaching home, I sat on my bed…took the mobile in my hand…fixed my eyes on the screen…and started waiting for her call or message.When after few hours of waiting…nothing happened, I couldn’t control myself and messaged her “Hi”. Five secs later, her reply came…”Hi…was waiting for your message”.Ist message led to the 2nd…2nd to the 3rd…and finally messages led to calls…calls to hours and hours of talking and which finally led to….no pocket money in my pocket.There is a famous sms joke which goes like this…When do you really know that you’re in love?The answer is…when you start looking for the cheapest mobile plans.So,here I was in the streets, looking for the cheapest mobile plans.Though none of them seemed cheap enough and the T&C were too complicated to understand, I finally settled for the one which the retailer told me was the cheapest.

After two weeks of all night long talks, we decided that we should meet somewhere outside the institute…somewhere we could sit and talk without being disturbed.It was damn risky as there was a long list of her and my relatives in the city and in the end…… as we all know girls always get the benefit of doubt…and the boy..Well he becomes the topic of doubt…but then I was ready to risk my life for a date with my dream girl.

So, finally the day arrived. I bathed..dressed up..applied loads of perfume..combed my hair and looked in the mirror for the 25th time.When I was totally convinced that..whatever I do…I can’t look any better than this, I left for the decided restaurant. I reached there 15 mins early and she arrived exactly on time.The moment…….she entered the restaurant, I just couldn’t stop staring at her.She was looking extremely beautiful. I tried to stand up but my sensory and motor systems were not supporting me and I fell back down on the chair. I was literally falling in love…….all…over…again.She was wearing a green top with black jeans. She had let her hair loose.

One of the strands after taking a long curvature around her forehead and cheeks had come to rest near her beautiful smiling lips. Absent mindedly she was trying to push it back. I was just looking at her while she walked through the door to the table where I was sitting.She held out her hands and said”Hi”…I really don’t know why but instead of shaking hands with her…I went a bit more closer than what is required for a handshake and took that strand of hair which was troubling her and put it behind her ear. Well…she was…not shocked but definitely surprised.In fact I was the one who was in shock of what I had done.

We both sat down and there was an awkward silence after the initial hi and did-you-have-problem-finding-the-restaurant-thing.Finally after five minutes of silence…I gulped one full glass of water…gathered some strength and said…Look Neha I’m not gonna waste this precious one or two hour that we have together in telling you……how beautiful you’re looking or how nice your earrings are looking on you or how fabulous dressing sense you have because it’s so obvious and evident that the shine of your earrings are perfectly blending with the shine of your face which of course is in perfect contrast with the kajal that you’ve applied and this dress is looking so perfect on you that it appears as if it has been manufactured only to be worn by you and all this and everything else is making you look exceptionally, stunningly beautiful or in one word perfect.And maybe this is the reason that from the time you’ve entered the restaurant…I’m not able to take my eyes off you.

And then when I stopped I realized that I had spoken two completely opposite things in one breath. I know I should have stopped myself somewhere in between….but then….if I could have, I would have.You see…..this is what girls…especially the beautiful ones can do to you, they make you go all funny in front of them.But I was not sorry as she was laughing and the ice had been broken.So, we started talking.She told me that she liked me and I told her that I also liked her a lot.We talked about our family, friends,schools and we talked about ourselves and we decided that we should try and know each other more before going any further which meant that the formal proposal had to wait.

When we walked out of the restaurant, I requested her to let me walk with her to her friend’s house which was nearby and where she was going have a sleepover tonight and she agreed. We walked together for a while and after sometime when her friend’s house came in the range of our eyesight, she stopped and said that she’ll go from here. I said ok. Then suddenly she turned and came very close to me and whispered in my ear…”Thank you so much for the evening and the walk”.My mind was intoxicated by her fragrance and I kept staring at her for one complete minute. She shook me and asked…”What happened”. I came back to my senses and mumbled…”Oh…I’m sorry….i mean…thank you…I mean…the pleasure was entirely mine.She smiled naughtily and started walking towards her friend’s house. I stood there looking at her till she reached the entrance. She turned back and waved her hand saying bye. I too waved back although I really didn’t want to say bye.She went inside but I stood there for half an hour hoping she would come back and then when I realized she won’t…at least not today…I started walking the long way back to my home.

Abhishek Jayant
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College
Nehru Nagar, Belgaum, Karnataka

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