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What 18 years couldn’t, a few days could!

What 18 years couldn’t, a few days could ..

For 18 years I lived with mom dad, kept cribbing the last 2 years how irritating home was, full of restrictions and all sorts of non-sense a normal teenager says towards the end of his teens and just wanted to get out of the house at the first chance possible, luckily( at least that’s what I felt then) I cracked a few engineering entrances, all away from home, and had my chance to live, oh so wanted hostel life. 

From the limited options I had I chose Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology. In my build up towards the hostel I was very excited, and since I was leaving in a few days, the love at home was a bit too much, all I used that love was for monetary and materialistic gains, not knowing I would regret all this so much. As a result I spent all days being out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not knowing that in a few days the home food I hated would be the most missed thing ever. 

On my way towards the hostel I started having goosebumps and by the time I crossed the border of Bihar, I had already begun to doubt my decision of choosing to live a hostel life away from the beautiful comforts of life, still not knowing that the things I wanted to be away from would be the things I would miss the most. I cheered myself , reminding myself that hostel was what I have been waiting for since two years and I was finally in it. My mom settled me in,organized my stuff as she knew I could never do it nicely and then came the time of my parents leaving, seeing that train go out of sight, was indeed a sight which hit me hard, I gulped down water and it fell on an empty stomach and the tears in my mom’s eyes sent me back in the nostalgia lane. 

With a heavy heart I went to my room and just kept picturing my room back home. The good mattresses, the space and just everything. As they say time never stops, it didn’t for me as well, and I tried to forget everything and mingle with people which to my luck were good. Now it was the turn of my first mess dinner, and that was the official welcome to hostel, it was so bad that throwing it seemed an insult to the dustbin, somehow I managed to push it down my food pipe and called mom immediately to tell her how sorry I was to insult homemade food. 

The nightlife at hostel is something everyone should experience at least once, I can’t get into the details or else I could be jailed, but it makes all the negative things worth it. The next morning I learnt my first lesson, it was that how difficult it is to wake up without a mother shouting at you,I used to wake up at 6 for school but now waking up for college at 9:00 seems such a difficult task without mom or dad yelling at me. 

The second lesson, came in minutes after the first and made me miss home a little too much, I in my entire lifetime had never laid down the towel to dry I just used to throw it on the bed and mom would pick it up, but now I had no one to pick it up so I did. Soon, I realized I was too much of a kid no matter what I thought of myself and all the rainy season it seemed to rain lessons for me. 

The third was to manage money, being in hostel one is perennially short of funds so I learnt how to carry money, how to keep it safe. 

The fourth was a lesson I had hoped I would never have had to learn as now it turns out I am the maid of the hostel, it is washing the utensils, one night we had maggi for dinner, after all whats hostel life without maggi right? I knew everyone in hostel survives on it, but what I didn’t know was that you have to wash utensils as well. We took turns to wash them and when it was my turn I realized how much gross it felt, any how I washed it, turns out I am very good at washing them,I still don’t know why I feel its an area to boast about but I do. As the days passed the room just became messier and messier and now it takes me and my roommate about 15 minutes to find the lock.

 So, the fifth lesson I learnt is that being organized helps, I am not saying you that I have become organized in hostel, after all mess is like one of the trademarked rights of a boys hostel but, I have learnt that if I was organized it would save me at least 10 minutes daily and maybe I’ll start reaching college on time for a change. 

The sixth lesson is that always make sure you have your important clothes washed, I had to skip a party so that I could wash clothes to wear to college the next day, and that’s one thing I can never forgive myself for, so as your mom always tells you be prepared for your next day of work, a day in advance, seems like the advice is valid for every genre. 

I always thought once school was over, the friendship with school friends would also be over. But, when my friends texted me ‘Kaisa hai yaar’, it did feel nice and it struck the brilliant mind of mine that you may not have time for your friends the way you used to but they always tend to stick around, so the seventh lesson would be no matter what the friends whom love you would stick by you.

The eighth lesson would be that petrol costs A LOT. I know most of us know this but until college I never really cared, as dad always had the car tank full for me but, now I know how gruelling it is when I pay 100 rupees and am barely able to travel 30kms on a bike. 

The ninth I would say is ‘be prepared’ for an off the hook night out, a road trip, or a party night, these things come without warnings and when they do, life is nothing short of a roller coaster ride for a few days, but in the end roller coaster does come down and for the ones who puke, the wise decision is going back and taking the ride until you become an expert at it.

My mom and dad are bound to flip out on reading this because till now I have not mentioned how much I miss them both, I think this is not a lesson, we always say we don’t know what we have until its gone, the truth is we always knew what we had we never thought it would get away. So, to sum it up, hostel is one thing which I feel everyone should really do experience once in their life, its a bittersweet symphony.


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