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Ripped Jeans

Abercrombie. Hearing that word could have made you think either one of two things: A) Sale? Ripped jeans? Where?! B) Really expensive and overpriced, unnecessary clothing (social suicide).

For some unknown reason, ripped jeans have worked their way into our society and have taken a hefty amount of money along with them.

These $60 marvels contain two-thirds material and one-third teenage skin. These jeans are pre-wrinkled, pre-stained and pre-ripped. I suppose these “extras” could be slightly beneficial. For example, you would not have to hang up your jeans after you wash them or have to wash them for that matter (just add your own stains), and since they are ripped you can go ahead and say they are vintage. When you wash them, there is a chance they might unravel at some point in the cleaning process. At that point the material to skin ratio would even out and the wearer would add safety pins.

Now I know I am guilty of buying my share of ripped jeans (one pair), and I regret to inform that they are not worth $60. In this case, “fitting the trend” is not exactly the right road to take. The other day I saw a girl in the hallway with what looked like jeans; but I wasn’t sure. All I could make out was a strip of cloth hanging off her leg.

If you insist on wearing ripped jeans, bring a sweater that could be tied around the waist in the event of a hole occurring (a hole that was not meant to be there).  Another style of pants that has been reoccurring in the stores lately is the pants with “Abercrombie” written along the butt. I don’t know if this is the way girls want people to notice their posterior, but I assure you they are not looking at your butt for your butt; they are looking at it when they wonder why you feel the need to post “Abercrombie” along it.

Not to mention the fact that these pants cost $40. I think Wal-Mart has the exact same style of pants but without the wording, and Hobby Lobby has felt letters that could be ironed on. Then, the wearer could just iron on words to the back of the pants for $10 and call it a day. I have purchased some of these pants, and I admit that they are definitely a waste of your money. I could have gone to the movie theater 10 times over, or even fed a family of five in an underdeveloped country for a month, for the price of just one pair of ripped jeans.

So the next time you are at the store, I suggest re-thinking your clothing selection and try to save a little money. There is no need to worry though, when we look back on these days later in life, the only choice we will have is to laugh.

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