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Differences Between Military And Normal Binoculars

Steiner is one of the few brands on the binoculars market whom manufactures binoculars for the military and for end users. Although they share many components, as you would expect, military binoculars are far more superior even when compared to Steiner’s top of the range binoculars.

The current range of Steiner binoculars consists of a premium and standard series. The premium series features many unique features that were previously only available to the military. For example, the Steiner Commander XP consists of a XP nano coating to repel water. This ensures that even if the lenses are exposed to water, the water droplets do not stick to the lens and affect the vision. This coating was originally developed for the military and released in the mid 90?s for marine use. However, this technology was only released on the standard Commander XP in 2006.

Another key difference between the military and standard binoculars is that all military binoculars are equipped with an anti-reflective cover over the lens and a laser filter. These measures are designed to protect the user in a combat situation and is not needed for regular use. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will see these in standard binoculars. However, over the years, we should expect to see new coatings and manufacturing techniques on binoculars to be available on standard binoculars.

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