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Surviving the Holiday Stress this Christmas season

Should the holidays be so stressful?
When you think about it, there are not that many off-days in the month of December. to really countenance the amount of stress and work that some of us are expected to put in throughout the month, yet, it is one of the busiest times of the year.

This week, I will try to make you remember, that while the month can be ultra busy, with shopping, cleaning and cooking, it should still be a happy time, rather than a dreaded, stressful time!

The heralding of the month of December, is usually characterised first of all by the inane and insatiable need to clean the entire house and yard, followed by the buying of large quantities ef feed and home d├ęcor items and furnishings. It is time for the home to get an upgrade and in so doing, all hands are required to be 'on deck' so to speak.

Then. there is the realisation that presents must be bought, wrapped and hidden. That in itself is a lot of stress, followed by the idea that at some point in time during the month, your home will host a lunch or dinner to a lot of friends and family. Another stressor.

So how do we combat, these potential stressors so that we actually enioy this Season?

First off, try to manage your stress. In order to do this, you must first identify what your triggers are, such as increased demands on your schedules and finances as well as increased responsibilities. In some cases, simply anticipating the triggers and taking steps to manage them can help to either minimise of eliminate the unpleasant symptoms, before they get out of hand.

This is the season of spending. and that can create a sense of financial pressure. To combat this, create a budget to help you prevent overspending. Consider initiating a family gift exchange, or if you are creative, make your own personalised presents for family and friends. Participating in free and fun holiday activities, can also ease the pressure, such as viewing holiday decorations or even community concerts, if any are scheduled.

Avoid holiday weight gain and maintain your healthy habits. For some, the holidays are considered the month to indulge in foods that are high in fat and calories; but to avoid weight gain, be mindful of what and the quantity of the food you may be consuming at parties. Use a small plate and maintain your portion sizes, also, opt for low-fat foods, such as fruits and veggies and whenever possible substitute soda and (gasp) sorrel for a nice glass of water.

This is a busy season, but you will still need to exercise regularly, thus burning calories and reducing the symptoms of stress. Remember to get plenty of rest and refrain from drinking alcohol, especially in excess.

Finally, try to take some time for yourself. Amid the socialising, shopping, cleaning and cooking, make sure to participate in activities that you find enjoyable, or you can opt for some alone time to catch up on your reading, or listening to music. Whatever you do, make sure that you take the stress out of the Holidays!

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