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What Do You Do When You Want To Feel Sexy?

What do you do when you want to feel sexy? Do you spritz with that favourite bottle of perfume that cost a quarter of your salary? Do you don your favourite pair of shoes, the one that makes your legs look like they’re miles long and give your calves the most gorgeous shape? Or are you one of those women for whom feeling sexy is a matter of attitude; you want to feel sexy and so you do. Bloggerby did a survey, asking women  what they did when they wanted to feel extra special, ultra feminine and downright sexy. Here’s what they had to say.

Ramona Singh: What do I do when I want to feel sexy? Well, first to begin I wear my hair down. To feel feminine I like to be simply dressed, not overly done at all. On special occasions I like to wear dresses—full, flowing gowns or even simple knee-length, feminine dresses. Oh... and makeup.

Michelle Khan:
I like bubble baths, scented candles, setting the right environment. I have lots of bath salts and scented oils. When I’m finished having my bath I use whatever oils I have and take time to moisturise every inch of my body. I cleanse my face, the whole works: face mask, oil treatment for my hair. I do the whole works—my own personal spa. I have a lot of different scents, so my choice depends on what I feel like smelling like on that
particular occasion.

Elizabeth Charles-Lee

I go get my hair done. Then, I get a completely new outfit, something very sexy and feminine, it all depends. Then I go to dinner. Where we’re going for dinner determines what outfit I’ll buy. That’s my formula for feeling sexy. Anytime I need to feel that extra spunk I do my hair.

Nikki Crosby
I am an underwear freak. I am into expensive underwear —that is my one vice. And it doesn’t have to be any of that dental floss thing you know. I just bought these really sexy panties, you know the tiny poom poom shorts kind, the one that fits right on the bumsy and gives the bumsy that extra lift. It makes me look like I have extra bumsy and when I feel like I have more bumsy It does feel real sexy!

Trisha Bethelmy

I dress sexy. I like to wear very tight pants. And short tops. I don’t wear makeup, really, so for me, it’s all about the belly. When my belly looks flat and firm I feel really very feminine, very sexy. It’s all about the stomach.

Mariella Phillips

I believe in taking care of myself so when I want to feel sexy I treat myself to a day at the spa. I get my nails done—manicure, pedicure, facial, the works. I always make sure I look my best all the time, I firmly believe in putting myself first. When I want to feel special I give myself that extra pampering; I treat myself.Feel Sexy

Natacha Jones 

I do a yoga class and get a beautiful massage. You radiate a beautiful sense of sexiness. But sexiness is a mental thing, I believe. If you feel sexy on the inside it shows on the outside. Oh and music. Music makes me feel very sexy. It gets in my head and makes me feel beautiful and special.

Mairoon Ali

My thing? A special cream. I like using nice cream, lovely scented cream. But it can’t be no cheap thing, eh! It must be nice and expensive.

Meilin Forgenie

Lingerie. I go out and I buy red, lacy, thong underwear. I’m not much into brassieres; they had to have been invented by men, they’re so uncomfortable. I’ve never worn a bra that’s comfortable. But when I want to feel hot I go out and buy red panties—like what I’m wearing now.

Rachel Redman

When I want to feel extra sexy I just go completely different to what I normally do. I wear my hair differently, I’ll go out and buy a new outfit, something feminine and lovely so when I put it on I feel like I’m wearing something really special.

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