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Get your kids out of bed and out the door

Fact- Kids ages six to nine need about 10 hours of sleep a night, while kids ages 10 to 12 need just a little over nine hours per night.

Step 1
Make sure kids have enough time to wind down at the end of the day so they can get a good night’s rest. Turn off the TV, computer games, and music early in the evening so they fall asleep more easily.

Step 2
Choose outfits the night before and set them aside, and pack homework and supplies in schoolbags and leave them by the door. This will save time in the morning.

Step 3
Let older kids set the alarm clock so it becomes a habit. Younger kids can be woken up with a gentle nudge from parents.

Step 4
Schedule time for breakfast. A healthy morning meal can stimulate learning and make kids more attentive in class.

Tip - Include a mix of complex carbs, like whole grain toast or cereal, and protein, like eggs.

Step 5
Keep the television turned off and leave toys out of the morning routine. Fewer distractions will keep everyone on track.

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