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Creating a Mediterranean mood at your home

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat do you think of when you think of the Mediterranean? Glorious sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches against cool blue water, villas in Italy, Greek temples and mosaic floors and Spanish tiles. Whatever you conjure up, think about the colours behind the images and let them inspire you when recreating the Mediterranean in your home.

White of course can be used in great abundance now that you are living in this warm sunny clime.

You can create a great look by putting down a light base colour using paint perhaps left over from previous painting projects, and then applying two or three different colour glazes in terracotta or other natural earth colours over the top. Splash the glazes on in broad brushstrokes and then feather out at the edges, but make sure that you do each wall in one go so as to get a consistent effect.

With these earthy shades as the backdrop, you can let your imagination run wild and bring the room alive with bright coloured throws or tassled scatter cushions in bright turquoise and blue or sunshine colours like red, orange and yellow.

Long unbleached muslin drapes can look fantastic at the window and the material for these can be picked up cheaply from the market. Combine these with long curtains in vibrant colours and hold them up and back with wrought iron fittings.

For a fresher colour scheme, the Greek-style combination of turquoise, blue and white can bring a cool feel to a room and would be great in a bathroom. And, with the mosaic motif so commonly associated with all things Greek, why not tile a wall rather than painting it. Mosaic kits are easy to pick up these days and relatively simple to apply.

Terracotta is excellent for earthing the coolness created by the combination of blue and white. Pop down to your local garden centre and pick up some terracotta flower pots to use for holding your toothbrushes or soaps. Or put some terracotta wine bottle holders in a rack in the bathroom and use them to hold rolled up towels. Another very Mediterranean look is heavy Spanish stoneware. Try using a large pot instead of your waste paper basket, and place large stone water jugs by the bath as they did in ancient days. Then finish the look off with big, natural sponges and shells.

Accessories for the living room and dining room can also include stoneware and earthenware, but remember that the key to the Mediterranean look is simplicity, so don't clutter.

Wrought iron items will also work well in these areas, for example a wrought iron candelabra can bring some extra light to proceedings with dramatic effect.

If you don't have a lot of natural light coming in during the day, then why not hang a large oval shaped mirror in rooms to double the light you have - these can be obtained quite cheaply in second-hand shops or flea markets and look great.

Overall, the Mediterranean look is simple, fun and can be cheap to attain. If you think of natural stone and earth colours livened up by dashes of bright blues, reds, yellows and oranges, you shouldn't go too far wrong.


  • Large pieces of stoneware

  • Smaller pieces of earthenware

  • Wrought Iron Fixtures and other Fittings

  • Natural Sponges

  • Shells

  • Bright coloured cushions and throws

  • Mosaics

  • Dried Herbs and Flowers

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