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I'm taking Shorthand,
It is quite handy.
When I write a page or two,
It looks just dandy.

The part I don't like so well
Is transcribing the notes.
There's a lot of words that
I can't spell.

The teacher begins dictating a letter.
"Dear Sir," she says.
I*m doing just fine.
What was the next word?
Just give me a little time,
Oh yes, I have it now,
I'm doing a little better.

The next few lines go along O.K.
What were the last two words?
Wait a second... Hey!

Oh Woe is me! I'm lost at sea!
The letter's almost over now,
Well, she won't call on me anyhow.

Then I turn around to see,
The teacher looking right at me.
"Transcribe" she says.

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