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A Letter to My mother : Rohan, Mumbai

26th November,2012
Navi Mumbai,  India.
Dear Mother,

I know you will forgive me, forgive me for not talking to you all these years, forgive me for all my mistakes, but there were reasons why I left you alone, why I couldn’t speak to you for last four years. 

I know you are angry with me mamma,  but you will forgive me. Time is theft, isn’t
that what they say? And time eventually convinces most of us that forgiveness is a virtue.

You always told me I was special, special one to fulfill all your dreams, special one to earn some name  and make our family the happiest one. I know you loved me more than my sister. But, I couldn’t fulfill your dreams mamma, I couldn’t buy you that sweet bungalow you always wanted beside the beach.  I couldn’t buy that luxurious car for my father. I apologize mother, I am not the special kid that you thought of all your life.

I know you are getting old mother, going through the pain of life. I know you are alone and I couldn’t be there to support you in these difficult times. I am sorry mother. I still remember that you never ate until I had my dinner and never slept before I did. I still remember the last words you told me before I left home four  years back was to come home early. I still remember that smile on your face. I couldn’t come back on time mother, in fact I never came back to you. I know you will forgive me for this.

You know mother, I never had a fight with anyone, and you always taught me so. I loved everyone and everyone loved me too. I didn’t know those people, they were strange. I smiled at them when they showed those heavy rifles at me while I was waiting for my train. I even gave them all my belongings and told they you were waiting for me, but they didn’t listen and fired. I do not know why they killed me. Sorry mother, I couldn’t come home that day on time and I know that you will forgive me for this.

I know mother that you will not cry after reading this. You never let me to do that when my girlfriends left me. There are a lot of things to be done. I am dead, wandering around and watching everything, watching you always. I will write you again if God permits me to do so, he gets cruel at times. It’s time to leave mother, I would want to be your son again in the next life if possible and fulfill all your dreams. I know that you have forgiven me for everything because you are a MOTHER. 

I love you.
Take care.
Your son,
Rohan Mehra
(1980- 2008)

Sent By Sanskaar Raj

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