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Behind the doors... : Shama Kashyap

By Shama Kashyap, Magadh Mahila College, Patna
Behind the doors….
I saw him disappear behind the door,
And i keep on crying on my lonely floor.
Is it a tear for the kiss we had,
or a tear for the love that left.
Is it a tear for those chocolate cakes,
or a tear for this ugly heart break.
Is it a tear for i thought u were the one,
or a tear for by my side there is none.
I understand it did`nt go well,
those trees could not hold our name for long.
I understand that kiss under the stars,
has lost its magic and its charm.
I understand that all i sought for,
is shattered to pieces like a glass.
and so now i have to take it in my face
and will have to walk apart..
I understand how much i wanted to stay…
But now i will have to walk away.
(sometimes no one knows what is inside,
it does’nt matter how hard u tried.
you will be the story for the people around you.
they are not going to understand how hard you cried.)

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