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Shrouded Passing By Moments : Allahabad

On a small green expanse laden with fresh dew right behind my place,
yesterday morning, I weakly strolled just before morning break,
with a torrent of trepidation and malicious misses coffined inside a shrouded grace,
thought to myself; what if death came calling now. But what shall I take?
A stuffed sack of earthly success souvenirs seemed like a ghastly mirage,
Nay, I paused and pondered, would rather kiss death’s feet with the most virtuous tone,
to be endeared one last time by the glimpse of my beloved’s sleeping visage,
and whisper in her ears, I’ve loved you and you alone.

If I could describe the serenity laden in your eyes,
people would false me and say this poet lies,
if I could tell them how peaceful your voice sound,
faithful shall render me blasphemous, saying nothing shall be purer than prayer’s profound,
if I could wind the aroma of your essence and its grace,
nature shall despair, for she boasted the fragrant foliage of some spring Daphne, in place.
O! You do not realize, you are so firmly in my heart bred,
that all the world beside, I think, is dead.

Early winter morning, like the sunlight streaks kiss upon the cold shivering earth,
or first showers kissing an endless stretch of brazen and barren land,
dear sights of rejoice, sights of mirth,
but dejected I feel there, as I lone and leveled stand.
To you, in passing moment of time, I call forth
I see the miraculous moonbeams kiss the seamless sea
but what are all these kisses worth
if you kiss , not me.
I Love You, beyond the boundaries of breached breaths..

Shubham Kriegers
Indian Institute Of Information Technology(IIIT) – Allahabad

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