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Transplanted Dreams

I can hardly believe my sight and vision now. Not that I wasn’t prepared for it, but yes, I was expecting more, at least little more than this.

When we first came here, u promised me no fun or care. There were oaths as if it was just for some fulfillment of some needs. But with time, u changed. There were no oaths. No promises. But u continued filling me with the hopes and care that I was so much in need of. And I ingested that I could demand too. How wrong I was! How foolish of me to self assume the facts! From a soul mate to a parental disciplinarian, in all the roles that u took for me u were biased against me. Worst was that I couldn’t even figure out where I went wrong to push my luck. U were partial, that’s all I know.

I saw u yesterday. I see u today. But I don’t see my tomorrow. And when I do, I don’t see u there. Biased that u were, predetermined that u were, and preternaturally unaccountable that u are now with me, I’m trying hard not to hold any feelings that may hurt u now or later. But in the process, I’ve hurt myself much more than u can think of. At this stage, life seems to me like a cage that is just pinning me down against whatever choices I make.

U want a submission, u shall get it. U want me sentient, I shall be one. But remember, when u shall need me, I won’t be there for u…because I won’t be alive enough to obey u that time. May u always be happy, and may our lines never cross, and I shall be happy too.

Niharika singh
(postgraduation in english literature)

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